Pecan Creek Collections

Pecan Creek Collections is located in Downtown Carrollton. John Scott is the owner of this great little hidden North Texas secret. Now, not only is this gem a fantastic place to find your next favorite outfit, the owner is most likely going to be your next favorite friend. To John, there isn’t such a thing as a stranger. Be prepared to always have a warm welcome while visiting his store.

Here is the reason to visit Pecan Creek Collection in the first place. John Scott has to be one of the most creative and talented people you will ever meet in your life! Check out the displays in his store, he made them all himself. The fantastic light fixtures in the window displays, yup, you guessed it, ALL made by him!

John started Pecan Creek because he wanted to meet new people and offer them the opportunity to purchase great clothing and accessories at a fair and decent price. John gives all his visitors an experience that you simply cannot receive via online shopping.

No matter how convenient and easy companies like Amazon make shopping in bed, there remains one element that cannot be pirchased. Nothing will ever compare to the customer service you will experience in Pecan Creek Collections. Visit this adorable boutique soon, and let John know Today’s DFW sent you.

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Pecan Creek Collections